19. Code Golf
By: Steve Krenzel
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Obnoxious Ninja

There was a CL post making rounds earlier about writing the most "wicked" hello world program.

Here is my response:

r,e,a,l = range,enumerate,all,0
for i,x in e(i for i in r(4,10**4) if a(i%j!=0 for j in r(3,i))):
    if not 01225064762735104601006456677135667000644077661030607%x:
        print chr(i-l),

It works by factoring that large number into its prime factors, then taking the distance between the prime factors and converting the distance to ascii characters.

Cool, eh?

About the author
I'm Steve Krenzel, a software engineer and co-founder of Thinkfuse. Contact me at steve@thinkfuse.com.
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